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In the event that something happens to you while you are abroad, like if you fall ill or find yourself in trouble, travel insurance could protect you and cover losses and expenses.  It is important to remember that if you require hospitalisation or need to be moved back to Cyprus by air ambulance the cost could run into thousands of euro and without travel insurance you will be responsible to cover the costs.

There are two types of policies that you can take out Single trip and Annual/multi-trip.

A Single trip policy will cover the duration of the time that you are away and the length of time away must be specified.

Annual/multi-trip policy will provide you with cover for 12 months and this will always be more cost effective if you are planning on taking multiple trips in the year.  The annual/multi-trip policies will always have a maximum length of stay per trip; this can be adjusted to meet your needs and will be from 17 days up to 90 days, for one individual trip.

Our Travel Insurance policies include Travel disruption, Catastrophe, Personal Accident, Medical expenses, Mobility aids, Pet Fees, Delayed Baggage, Hospital benefit, Legal expenses, Abandonment, Hijack, End Sup. Failure, Baggage and Personal property, Missed or delayed departure,Personal Liability, Money Passport and documents

Remember that limits will usually be set on the amount available for individual items such as pieces of jewellery, laptops, tablets, smartphones and cameras.

Personal liability provides cover up to a set limit if you’re found to be legally liable for accidental injury to a third party, or for loss of, or damage to, their possessions.

Legal expenses offers cover up to a set limit towards legal costs incurred as a result of illness or injury caused to you by a third party during your trip.

When doing the application it is important to be clear and honest about any illnesses or operations that you have had in the last 5 years.

If you had had any conditions within the past 5 years we can still help you to organise your Travel Insurance but you will be required to complete a medical declaration form.

Cancellation will provide you cover for cancellation of the planned trip. Acceptable reasons for cancellation may include natural disasters, bereavement, jury service and sickness or injury.

Delayed departure can be caused by a number of reasons like bad weather, lost or stolen travel documents, breakdown or delay en route or mechanical failure of a ship or aircraft.

Policies usually have a maximum daily reimbursement amount and there’s normally a minimum period of delay before a claim can be made – this is typically 12 hours, but it can vary.

Missed departure can be caused by many of the same factors as travel delay, but you’ll usually need to demonstrate that you did everything in your power to make the departure and you may be required to provide supporting evidence with your claim.

Abandonment of a trip is where it becomes necessary for you to cancel the outward journey as a result of an extended delay.

Curtailment cover normally pays the additional costs that you may incur as a result of cutting a trip short, for example due to the illness or death of a close relative.

It’s important to sort out your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip – that way you should be covered in the event you have to cancel your holiday.