Commercial Insurance

Employer’s Liability

Whether you are a butcher a baker or a candlestick maker, do you realize that by Law in Cyprus you must have employers Liability insurance? There is always the possibility of an accident occurring regardless of how well the business is run. It is peace of mind to know that your business can operate knowing that should the worst happen, you are covered.

UK Expats can provide you with insurance to cover you for the following

Employer’s liability insurance

covers your liability towards your employees in relation to accidents or occupational diseases that may arise as a result of your negligence. This cover is compulsory by law and insures your employees for the following

  • €160.000 for each accident or occupational disease for each employee.
  • €3.415.000 for each event or series of events resulting from the same proximate cause.
  • €5.125.000 in the aggregate for each period of insurance.


The basic policy offers cover against fire, explosion and lighting. We can extend the policy to provide cover for natural and special perils such as

  • Thunder
  • Storm, tempest, flooding
  • Falling of aircrafts and/or items falling from above
  • Impact
  • Busting of pipes and overflow of water and petrol tanks
  • Malicious damage
  • Strikes & Riots
  • Bush fire

In addition to the above, the following additions can also be included to the policy.

  • Removal of Debris
  • Professional fees (for architects and engineers)
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative accommodation expenses


Our Burglary policy compensates the insured for:Loss or damage to property contained in your premises after forcible/violent entry or exit. The above basic cover can be extended to cover property damage arising as a result of the burglary or attempted burglary. This cover can be offered as an extension to the Fire policy. It cannot be offered as a stand-alone policy.


The policy covers accidental damage to fixed glass in external and internal doors, windows and partitions. It may seem that the replacement of glass would be inexpensive, however it can be extremely costly especially when you have to replace speciality glass e.g. double paned glass or plate glass. We can offer you policies which will cover you for accidental damage to fixed glass in both external and internal doors, partitions and windows.

Public Liability

Insurance should be considered as an essential if you have members of the public interacting with your Company in any way at all, for example if a customer visits your premises.

Our Public Liability policies can cover you for a vast range of situations to ensure you have the necessary cover in place as a business owner for bodily injuries and / or material damages caused to any third party.

Products Liability

The manufacturer and/or in certain cases a supplier of a product may be held liable if the product is faulty and causes any loss or damage to others. Our policy can compensate the insured for damages awarded as a result of damage to property or personal injury caused by your product.

Professional Indemnity

All companies that provide services to a client must face up to the prospect of a court action. An ever increasing regulatory burden is leaving companies exposed to the risks of compliance oversight. While the threat of spurious claims or the problems caused by a simple human error remain ever present for even the most sophisticated organizations. With legal costs on the up and settlements always rising, failure to purchase adequate insurance could spell financial disaster.

Our policy offers cover for: Arbitration, Allegations of breach of duty, negligence and / or wrongful acts, breach of confidentiality, court attendance costs, damages, defence courts, libel and slander, loss of documents, third party loss through employee fraud.

Directors and Officers

The role of the director is becoming increasingly demanding and dangerous in today’s corporate environment. Answering to company’s shareholders, financial regulators and government bodies, a director faces potential legal liabilities in all sides. Also, more stringent corporate governance guidelines and increasingly complex legislation, leads to shareholders class actions and individual claims.

Our Directors and Officers cover can offer protection against the following:

  • Official investigation by governments and regulators
  • Damages awarded by court
  • Civil sanctions (fines and penalties)
  • Claims made by dissatisfied employees
  • Claims made against the directors by the company itself
  • Claims made against the directors of subsidiary companies
  • Claims made against outside board positions held on the insured company’s behalf

Shop Insurance

Whether you have a small corner store or a large department store our specialist policy can offer coverage for the following

Damage or total loss to property (buildings, stock, decoration, cash machines, computers, etc.) against “all risks” such as: Fire, explosion, lighting. Earthquake. Malicious, Short circuit, Flood, Thunder, Storm, Bursting of pipes.

Alternative accommodation.

Temporary protection and security services, Failure of debt collection due to loss of accounting documents, Random damages, Tenant’s liability, Damages as a result of Break in, Loss of profit, Window damage, Money in transit cover, Money in safe cover, Stock in transit, Employer’s liability, Product liability (up to € 86,000), Public liability (up to €175,000), Consultant’s fees (up to €5,000), Removal of debris (up to €5,000), Cover for personal items (up to €850), Exhibition participation (up to €4,550), Detection & Accessibility (up to €3,500), Firefighting expenses (up to € 3,500), Locks & keys (up to €850).