Yes, it would be advisable to take out a House insurance policy as you will no doubt want to protect your home and personal belongings against an eventuality.

You can choose between a combined house and contents policy or a building or contents only policy

No this is not necessary as if you rent the property your landlord will be responsible to undertake the buildings insurance and you will only need to concern yourself with contents insurance to protect your own personal possessions. However, if you own the building, then it is more likely to prove cost effective if you took out both buildings and contents insurance.

Contents insurance will cover you for your valuables and your treasured personal possessions. We have policies starting from as little as €60 per annum

You may use our Home contents listing to ensure you have included all of your contents or you can visit each of your rooms and cost each item separately on a new for old basis.

This insurance will protect the actual structure of the building together with any permanent fittings and fixtures, for example fixed sanitary ware and ceramic hobs etc.

This will be the year when the original foundations were laid, you will find this information on your contract of sale.

Remember that the rebuild value of your home does not include the land upon which your property sits. The rebuild value is not the market value or purchase price of your property. You will need to ensure that you ascertain the covered area of your property in square metres which should include any verandas and balconies

Also the value of your swimming pool, central heating and shutters should also be included.

Yes your contents policy will cover you for certain possessions if you take them out of your home as long as you have the all-risk extension. This will mean an additional premium and it will be dependent upon the item (s) and their value.

Yes, certain policies will cover you for your bicycle under your contents policy, however this will be up to a certain limit. Higher valued cycles can be included but this will be subject to an increased premium.

Yes you can still have cover for your property while it is unoccupied. However different companies allow different limits of occupancy as standard so if you are a frequent traveller let us know and we will ensure that you get the correct policy to meet your needs

No. Your landlord will be responsible for the Buildings insurance only. Your contents will need to be covered by yourself.

We can offer you a contents only policy for 15,000 Euro of cover for as little as €68 per annum.

When talking about burst pipes we need to be careful of the wording in the term ‘Burst Pipes’. Pipes generally do not just burst in Cyprus (pipes usually only burst when they freeze and with the expansion and contraction this causes them burst open) as we don’t have freezing winters like the UK, unless of course you are in Troodos. Most companies will insure you for the costs associated with the location of the leak (track and trace) and the cost to repair the damage – but not always the cost of repair to the damaged pipe.

Yes, certain companies provide cover for your outdoor furniture and contents in outbuildings and sheds but this is not standard with all companies. So if this is important to you let us know and we will provide you with quotations for policies that can provide this cover.

Picture the scene. It’s Friday night. You’ve just poured yourself a glass of red, and you are ready to settle down for a night of bad TV. You are on the way back to the sofa and whoops – the glass slips from your hand and the red wine falls onto your pristine cream carpet

The carpet is in a sorry state, and would cost a pretty penny to clean or replace. Your standard contents insurance policy might not cover this.

Accidental damage cover is designed to help you repair or replace items that have been damaged as the result of “a one-off, unintentional incident”.

Subsidence occurs when a property’s foundations start to sink due to movement of the surrounding earth.

Not all policies cover you for Subsidence, however if this is important to you we can provide you with quotations that will include subsidence heave and landslip as standard.

It’s illegal to drive in Cyprus without car insurance with Third Party Insurance being minimum level of insurance compulsory by Law. Third Party insurance covers your legal liability to pay damages to third parties in respect of bodily injury, death and property damage arising out of the use of your motor vehicle.

The main covers to consider are third party, third party fire and theft and Comprehensive. Most people feel that they are fully covered against all eventualities under a comprehensive policy. However, this is not the case. Most of the insurance companies here have different levels of comprehensive cover which vary in price and level of cover. We will explain all the levels of comprehensive policies to you fully to ensure that your policy fully meets your needs.

When getting a car insurance quote, you’ll be asked about the class of use you need – that is, what you’ll be using the car for.

There are three main classes of use to choose from, as well as some further options you’ll need to consider if you regularly drive as part of your job:

Social Domestic and Pleasure

With this type of cover, the insured car can be used by the named drivers for non-work-related driving only. This covers you for normal day-to-day driving, such as driving to visit family and friends or shopping.

Social Domestic and pleasure plus commuting to and from work. As the name implies this provides cover as above for social, domestic and pleasure use, as well as for driving back and forth to a permanent place of work.

Business driving

If the car is being used in connection with work beyond simply commuting, you’ll need a level of business insurance cover: Business use by you – this covers all of the above, plus your business-related driving away from your normal place of work.

Commercial – this type of cover may be needed if driving is a permanent aspect of your job

Unfortunately unlike the UK in Cyprus policies cannot be paid on a monthly basis and you will be asked to pay the annual premium upon taking out your insurance.

You can pay by cash or cheque or alternatively you can pay via any major debit or credit card in person or over the telephone or online.

In a nutshell, your excess is a fixed amount that you have to fork out if you make a claim.

Your Insurance provider will be able to let you know how many years no claims you have.

It is important to always get them to send you the No Claims Certificate as when changing insurance companies the new company will always require proof of how many years NCB you have.

In Cyprus when you are changing insurance providers there will be extra form which will need completing when you do your application. This form basically gives authorisation for your new Insurance Company to contact your previous Insurer to confirm with them the number of years you are claim free.

Your no claims bonus from the UK is acceptable in Cyprus but you would have to contact your insurance company directly to obtain this as the Companies here do not have authorisation to do so. Similarly your No claims Bonus from Cyprus can be transferred to the UK.

Do not take it as a definite that your current policy will cover you for breakdown – please check your policy carefully. A provider may also only cover for a breakdown within a certain distance from your residential address, again it would be wise to check this.

This completely depends on your policy and just because you’re fully comprehensive DOES NOT automatically mean that you’ll be covered to drive other cars. We can provide you with cover that will enable you to drive other cars of the same specification as your own but be aware that with certain companies this will lead to an increased premium.

Adding additional drivers will always affect your premium. So we will always discuss with you if it would be more cost effective to take out the any driver between 25-70 option.

Adding young unexperienced drivers will always come at an extra cost.

Yes we can offer you ‘any driver’ policies but these will always come at a higher premium than having the named driver option.

The standard ‘any driver’ policies will allow anyone between the ages of 25-70 to drive your car. This can be extended to younger and inexperienced drivers at an additional premium.

Insurers will need to know of any medical conditions as this will affect the risk that you pose. So if you are unsure it is always best to declare everything honestly, as we do not want to find that your policy is made invalid in the event of a claim.

Yes, it is possible but much will depend on the convictions you have. You may find you have to pay a much higher premium and the choice of insurers may be a little limited.

You may not know personally what the cost of a claim was, so it would be advisable to contact us or your insurance provider who can inform you of the claim costs.

Be honest about your cars value, an approximate estimation is usually fine as the insurer will typically base a claim pay-out on the market value. If you wish to have a more accurate figure, it may be worth you contacting your local vehicle manufacturer for more information.

If you cancel your policy within the cooling-off period some insurance providers may charge a fee to cover their administration costs in addition to a charge for the time on cover. Should you cancel mid term – then most providers will refund any unused premium on a pro-rate basis.

As the name suggests, compulsory excess is applied to your policy no matter what – this is decided by your insurer.

Voluntary excess works differently, because you set the amount of extra excess you’re willing to pay. Increasing this voluntary excess will always enable people to lower the cost of their insurance premium

When you get a car insurance quote, it’s worth looking at how changing the voluntary excess affects your price, and choose an amount that you’re comfortable with.

But remember that, if you make a claim, you’ll have to pay both the compulsory and the voluntary excess.

Yes with all the companies that we deal with breakdown cover is included in all the classes of insurance as standard but better to check with your current provider to make sure that you are covered.

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