Motor Insurance

Anyone who drives a car is required by law to have their car insured with Third Party Insurance being minimum level of insurance compulsory by Law in Cyprus. So you have to get insured, that’s a given. But how much cover you get is up to you.

There are three types of cover available to you. Each has its own benefits – and comes with its own price tag:

Third-party only – covers your legal liability to pay damages to third parties in respect of bodily injury, death and property damage arising out of the use of your motor vehicle

Third-party, fire and theft – This has all the benefits of a third-party policy, but with one or two extras. As the name suggests, the policy offers extra protection for your car if it’s stolen or catches fire. This policy may also cover you for damage that happens as the result of attempted theft, eg if a thief breaks your window to steal your stereo.

Comprehensive – This the highest level of insurance available but there are many different levels of Comprehensive insurance. We can provide you with the basic comprehensive or the full Monty depending on your needs. We will always discuss each level of Comprehensive Policy with you to ensure that YOU have the cover YOU need for motoring peace of mind.

This is important as we saw last November with the bad hailstones causing damage to the Bodywork on peoples’ cars leaving them out of pocket as they did not have the natural perils extension on their policies.