Complaint Handling Procedure

We at UK Expats are committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our clients, however we do realize that sometimes things can go wrong and we will ensure that we will help to resolve any issues you may be unhappy with. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our services, please let us know as soon as possible. This will help us to continually improve our service to you.

UK Expats will handle all complaints promptly, honestly, fairly and professionally in our clients’ best interests

What to do if you have a complaint

Please address your complaint in writing to the Office Manager

UK Expats
P.O. Box 53104
Limassol 3317
Or via email:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact us on the below numbers

Tel: +357 25738930
Fax: +357 25738940

Our complaints procedure

In order to deal with complaints UK Expats will require your full details, address, telephone and email along with your policy details and any background information you are able to give us

UK Expats will register internally any complaints within 3 (three) working days of their receipt. Each complaint
will be registered in our Central Register and in a corresponding separate file.

UK Expats will acknowledge in writing within 2 (two) working days of each complainant, the receipt of the complaint and also confirm our complaints handling procedure in said acknowledgment. UK Expats will ensure that all correspondence is made in a plain and easily understandable way.

All complaints should be resolved promptly and within a maximum of fifteen (15) working days from the date of the official receipt of the complaint. When an answer cannot be provided within the expected time limits, UK Expats will inform you, in writing, about the causes of the delay before the expiry deadline and indicate the time period within which the companies’ investigation is likely to be completed. The additional time limit should not be more than thirty (30) working days from the expiry of the initial deadline of the fifteen (15) working days.

If UK Expats provides a final decision that does not fully satisfy your concerns. UK Expats will inform you explicitly of your option to insist on the complaint and to appeal to any other out of court mechanisms such as the Insurance Companies Control Service Cyprus, or an alternative.

Record keeping and document handling

A documents related to the handling of the complaint will be included in the corresponding file in chronological order. Files pertaining to any complaint will be kept in hard copies and archived in a secure manner and will also be saved in an electronic format.

Important Note

These regulations do not apply when we are dealing on your behalf with a complaint against another Insurance institution, and said outside institutions regulatory system will dictate the length of time that will be taken.

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