Medical Insurance

We may all feel alive and kicking at the moment. However, we cannot see into the future. It is important to ensure that you and your family have the correct levels of cover which can take care of you when it’s needed most. Private Medical costs vary between clinics, so it is essential that you have the adequate amount of cover for peace of mind.

Levels of cover vary and can be bought on an inpatient only or an inpatient outpatient basis. In short the Inpatient only package will, as the name implies, only cover you for treatment that is provided when you are admitted into a clinic. Whereas the inpatient outpatient package will cover you on a comprehensive level for any treatment that is given on an outpatient basis as well as inpatient.

Prices are dependent upon age, level of excess chosen and amount of coverage required.

An additional feature of the inpatient outpatient cover is that with some of the companies annual health checks are included, prevention is better than cure!

We can go through various plans and options with you to arrange the ideal cover that meets your needs for today and the future.