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When travelling in Europe or worldwide and you hire a car you will usually be offered different types of products (like breakdown cover, personal injury cover etc.) which all come on top of the price that you are already paying to hire the car.

It can all be a bit overwhelming and costly as what people don’t realise is if the car is damaged in anyway you are liable to pay the excess which is often between £500 and £1000 depending on which car hire company you use.

The car hire companies may try to scare customers into purchasing their own policies by saying that this policy is not valid – THIS IS UNTRUE – it is simply a sales tactic to try and get you to purchase a policy from them.  Our policy is independent of car hire agreements.

Our Car Hire Excess Insurance covers the excess charged by the car hire companies if the rental car is damaged or stolen and the policy also provides additional benefits to vehicle rentals many of which are not available from the car hire companies.

The cover includes:
• Personal accident
• Personal Possessions
• Key cover
• Curtailment of rental
• Car Jacking Cover
• Excess Reimbursement – which includes windscreen, roof, tyres and under body damage
• Drop off charges
• Mis-fuelling Cover
• Road rage cover

We have EU and worldwide car rental options available including cover for single and annual trip options with the maximum age being 84 years old.

The annual multi trip policy for Europe costs less than £50.00 (plus Tax)

The annual multi trip options are for either 31 or 60 days maximum per trip.

Get in contact with us before your trip for a chat and peace of mind.