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What should really be kept in your glove compartment.

Driving licence

Here are some key information about driving in Cyprus – were you aware?

  • All people with valid UK or EU member licences may drive legally in Cyprus.  According to EU rulings, old driving licences issued before 1996 do not have to be exchanged for the new Community Model and remain valid until their expiry.
  • EU citizens with an EU driving licence who are resident in Cyprus may convert their licence to a Cyprus one after six months.  The old licence must be returned to the issuing authority.  Cyprus licences are issued via the Department of Road Transport.
  • It is important to note that you cannot hold more than one driving licence issued by an EU State.
  • Non-EU citizens may drive on valid foreign licences for a fixed short period (e.g. for those with a US licence the period is six months).  Please consult the relevant Consular authority for more information.
  • Only Cyprus residents who can prove they have lived in the country for six months are eligible to apply for any Cyprus Driving Licence or take any Cyprus Driving Test.  This is to comply with EU directives.
  • If you wish to drive a vehicle category not currently on your EU driving licence, you may obtain a learner entitlement on a new Cyprus licence after being resident for 6 months.  After this you will take the test for the additional category.  Once you have passed the test your old EU licence will be exchanged for a new one with all the extra categories added.


Road Tax

Road Tax is mandatory in Cyprus, it can be purchased for 6 or 12 months and is paid to the ‘Department of Motor Vehicles’.

The amount will vary depending on the age of the vehicle and the size of the engine. Payments can be made at the Road Transport Office – make sure you take your logbook, passport and driving licence with you.

Alternatively this can be done online using the following link:
If you are paying through JCC Smart the “Owners reference number” is the last 3 digits of your ID.  This must be the same ID number that you have on your logbook.


Your MOT or Roadworthiness certificate

Your MOT or (DORT) roadworthiness test must be carried out once your car is 4 years old. It will then need to be undertaken in 2 year intervals thereafter.  They will check your car’s emissions, brakes, tyres, steering wheeling, suspension, lights etc.

It is important to note that driving without a valid MOT can lead to prosecution.


How old must you be to drive in Cyprus?

Remember that the age that you can drive in Cyprus is NOT the same as the UK.
You can apply for a learner licence to drive cars and small motorcycles at 17.5 years of age.  However, you cannot take the driving test until you are 18 years old.  In the case that you are driving a car with a learner’s licence an adult must be with you at all times.